Senior Executive Headshot Photography – Surrey and London

First impressions count. Like it or not, people will judge you when they first set eyes on you… in less than seven seconds a prospect will know, instinctively, if they want to do business with you… or not!

WARNING: with your Corporate Headshot the difference between authority, seniority and arrogance is just millimetres…

…the wrong body language, especially for your headshot is disastrous! It can will have a detrimental effect on people’s perception of you. Especially if they’ve never met you… A subtle shift in the angle or tilt of your head will change your business portrait drastically. Even the camera height relative to your eye level matters.

A bad profile photo will drive people away faster than a good headshot will attract.


Gavin came to our offices and set up for our website profile pictures without disturbing our work, got everyone in a great mood for the excellent photo’s and left with minimum fuss. I recommended Gavin to another business owner in the same building and he went and did the same with them. Top service.

Your business headshot is as much about psychology as it is an art form. It’s not just a pretty picture for your mum or aunty… It’s a pre-meditated, deliberate assault on the viewer that conveys who you are in a single frame… It’s primary purpose is to show prospective clients you’re someone they can and want to do business with. Making you look great is a very close second. Think of your business portrait as the ‘welcome’ sign at the entrance to your offices, not the grooming mirror in the bathroom.

In the world of ExecHeadshots™, the accepted rules of portraiture are blended with our tried and tested, secret technique that will give you the edge over competitors and colleagues alike.

What’s included with every Senior Executive Headshot photo-shoot…

  • Pre-shoot image consultation — let us know your needs, the type of headshots you’d like, how you wish to be portrayed. We’d also like to know what you don’t want (allows us to zero in on the perfect image, faster)
  • Preparation Guide — our insider hints compiled from the world of fashion on how to get the most out of your shoot. (Great images don’t just happen and these quick-to-implement tips used by top models will have you at your best in next to no time)
  • Styling and Wardrobe Advice — Clothing dates an image very quickly… what you wear is critical, even for a headshot (avoid making a major faux pas with this mini personal branding guide)
  • Studio quality images — crisp, clear images ideal for both web and print use
  • True Pure White™ Images — your studio images will have a true pure white background (all the background pixels are blown to pure white, not left as grey or ‘dirty white’)… Better fit for most websites, easier and quicker to change background later
  • Your photo-shoot — with Gavin, our award winning, Vogue featured photographer, on-site at your premises (this is an exclusive service for busy chief execs, as such we can be available all day if necessary to fit your schedule)
  • Shoot and Review — Discuss and review you images during your photo-shoot (ensures you’re making the corporate headshots you need that portray you as you want to be seen)
  • Enhanced Retouch — images retouched by hand to remove blemishes and reduce permanent lines/marks (makes you look slightly younger and your eyes sparkle yet you still look like yourself)
  • Hi-res image files — your chosen images supplies as hi-res jpg files, accompanied by smaller, web-optimised copies in the popular Internet sizes
  • Full royalty-free reproduction rights for commercial use — more cost effective than copyright buyout with the freedom to print and publish as you wish. (Copyright buyout also available as a cost option either per image or the complete set)
  • No leakage guarantee — your images will never be passed to a 3rd party without your consent or given to the press (especially important if you’re managing your PR profile – nobody will ever see an image you’re not happy to show them)
  • 12-month Image Backup — your headshot images are guaranteed to be kept, backed up in our central image archive for at least 12 months from the date of your photo-shoot. If you lose them, damage them or simply just can’t find them, we’ll send you a duplicate set by the next working day.
  • Follow up and alternative usage suggestions — ideas and suggestions where else your headshots will be useful. (They’re like mini ambassadors you can send to a multitude of places to to represent you, to introduce you and to establish a presence o your behalf)

CEO Headshot Package…

Quick, clean corporate headshot photo-shoot designed with busy business owner in mind. Minimises your time in front of the camera by shooting one pose or expression. It’s so quick, many clients do this between their meetings and conference calls.

Inclusive images: 1, suitable for web and print use up to A4, full reproduction rights for commercial use.

CEO Marketing Package

For the CEO who needs to update their PR profile. You’ll shoot a range of different poses and expressions to generate a portfolio of images designed with a specific type of message in mind… For example, ‘in control’, ‘strong leader’, ‘you’d love to do business with us’

Inclusive images: 5, suitable for web and print use up to A4


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PS don’t worry if you really hate having your photo taken. That’s perfectly natural. In fact 87% of our clients say that as soon as they get in front of the camera. You’ll have plenty of time to relax and we’ll show you your best photos as we progress so you’ll start to see how amazing you look when photographed professionally.

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