How To Book Your Headshot Photo-shoot in Surrey or London

Book your headshot photographer in Surrey or London

Book your headshot photographer in Surrey or London

How To Book Your Business Portrait Photo-shoot

Booking your business headshot is really simple. (If it’s not, please, please, please tell us about it)

Step 1 – Call us for availability

The fastest and easiest way to book your corporate headshot session is to telephone our bookings hotline number,  , (you can also at the top of this and every other page).

We’ll have a quick chat to find out more about you, what you do and the type of images you’d like to make. By understanding more about you we can create images that are more appealing to your line of business (for example somebody who works for a charity would need an entirely different type of photo to someone who works in corporate finance)

We’ll also discuss availability and tell you when our next available slots are.

Step 2 – Provisional information email

We’ll then send you an email summarising what we discussed. It will have full details of the brief, agreed price, date and time and the studio details. It is important that you check the information on this email and let us know if we’ve missed anything. It is far easier to change things at this stage, before you make your booking, than further downstream.

Please note that this is just provisional information and not a confirmed booking at this stage. We are unable to hold the date and time until we receive your booking fee.

Step 3 – Making and confirming your headshot photography booking

If you wish to go ahead you will need to make and confirm your booking with us by paying the booking fee outlined on the email we sent you in step 2 above.

You can make your payment over the phone with a credit/debit card or PayPal if you prefer.

When we receive your booking fee we will book and pay for the studio for your shoot.

Please note that because we need to pay for the studio in advance, your booking fee is non-refundable should you decide to cancel 

Step 4 – Booking Confirmation

We will then send you your booking confirmation email and the invoice for your booking fee you paid in step 3.

This email will also have the directions to the studio and Gavin’t mobile number in case you need it.

In the very unlikely event that the studio is no longer available (e.g. we’ve been pipped to the post) we will call to reschedule or offer a full refund of your booking fee if you prefer

As your appointment approaches we’ll send you information on how to get the best from your shoot:

  • How to prepare yourself — Everyone wants to look their best on camera and preparation is everything. These handy, easy to implement tips, will make a huge difference to your images. Best of all there’s no dieting and no going to the gym! (Of course, that means there’s no excuse either… and the choice is entirely yours)
  • What to wear (and equally important what not to wear) — some garments date an image very quickly, badly fitting or worn clothing will send a very different message than the one you intend, some colours work well, others don’t. (This guide will stop you making common errors and major faux pas that can be found in so many headshots on the internet)


Gavin is an outstanding photographer who knows his industry. He has been at all times professional, delivers on time and can transform an image with his creative imagination. I have and will continue to use Gavin for all of my business and personal needs.

Step 5 – (Optional) Final planning

Shortly after you book, we’ll call to arrange an appointment for your pre-shoot image consultation. It’s entirely optional and we find that clients who take advantage generally make stronger images (we’re all aligned and its a great icebreaker too, especially for the more nervous client). Your pre-shoot can be as simple as a focussed telephone conversation or (our preference) we’ll treat you to a coffee and have a face-to-face chat.

Step 6 – Photo-shoot reminder

On the day before your shoot we’ll email you a quick reminder so you don’t forget.

Step 7 – Your Photo-shoot

Remember to leave plenty of time when leaving for the studio as your session starts from when you’ve booked, not when you arrive.

Make Your Headshot Photography Enquiry

You can make a commitment-free priority booking enquiry using this form.

PS – There’s no committment when you make your enquiry.

Remember, there’s no obligation at this stage and we’ll be in touch as soon as we can to let you know if your preferred date is available. If not, we’ll try to find a suitable alternative.

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