Business Team Photos from £300 – Surrey Photo Studio

from £300**
Professional Studio
2 hour shoot
4 hi res images
Extra images £50
3600px x 2400px
Pre-shoot prep guide
12 month backup
Express service available
On-site (small)
from £300**
Your office
1-2 hour shoot++
4 hi res images
Extra images £50
3600px x 2400px
Pre-shoot prep guide
12 month backup
Express service available
On-site (medium)
from £600**
Your office
2-4 hour shoot++
10 hi res images
Extra images £35
3600px x 2400px
Pre-shoot prep guide
12 month backup
Express service available
On-site (large)
from £800**
Your office
4-6 hour shoot++
20 hi res images
Extra images £25
3600px x 2400px
Pre-shoot prep guide
12 month backup
Express service available

Business Team Headshots…

Headshots for your business team either in the studio or in your office. It’s your choice: pick the solution that works best for you.

Why choose the studio for your headshots…

  • Shoot up to full length on the infinity cove with a pure white background.
  • Team photo – the studio is 1,500 sq. ft. so plenty of room

Why choose your office for your headshots…

  • Only need a headshot for each team member
  • Quick — we only need each person for about 10-15 minutes each
  • Convenient — we bring the studio to you
  • Greater availability

Prices from just £300 for a team of 2-4 people

PS – For larger teams we charge per image, not per person.

Get our space guidelines for an on-site shoot…

If you’re thinking of an on-site photo-shoot, make sure you have enough space for us to work. Get your copy of our space requirements guidelines here:

Express service available…

Your proofs will be ready within 2 working days, and your finals 3 days after ordering. If you need your images sooner, talk to us about our Express Service.


** Prices based on using the studio at Walton or an office within 15 miles of Guildford.

++ Shoot length may vary depending on how many people need to be photographed



Business Team Photos - Guildford, Surrey

Business Team Photos – Surrey

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Why choose us for your team photos?

Over 30 years photography experience
Former house-photographer for London model agency
Professionally trained photographer
Studios throughout Surrey and London
Internationally published
Per-image pricing model
Award winning business
Risk-free guarantee
And what a nice guy too” — Vanessa Lanham-Day

Headshot Photography With A Risk-free Guarantee…

Headshot Photography GuaranteedIf you don’t like your photos – we’ll give you a no-questions-asked full refund.

Every headshot photography session is backup up with our ‘No Risk Guarantee’

We’ll work with you throughout your shoot and show you your best images as we progress. If at the end of your session there are absolutely no images you like we’ll give you a full refund.

If you don’t like your team photos, we’ll give you a no-questions-asked full refund.


What’s Included — aka the details

  • Pre-shoot Consultation — to make sure we’re all aligned
  • Preparation tips and style suggestions — especially important to make sure the team knows what to bring and what to wear for their shoot (we need to avoid one individual sticking out like a sore thumb)
  • Your photo-shoot with Gavin — our award winning, Vogue featured photographer
  • 1,500 sq. ft. Professional Photo Studio — this is our biggest photographic studio in Surrey and can easily accommodate teams of 10-12 people in one shot. We have other studios available too enabling us to cover the whole of Surrey and London.
  • Individual and Team Shots — We’ll shoot a range of singleton images with individual team members as well as the team shots. You’ll also have the option for outfit changes to mix things up a little and to give you the choice of formal, informal, business casual or casual outfits. You’ll find some outfits work better than others and sometimes a simple change of shirt or blouse can make a world of difference to your images.
  • Layout driven photography — We’ll compose and shoot your team photo to best suit the layout of your web page or brochure (you won’t have to compromise a good design because your team photo doesn’t fit the available space)

  • Full Direction — because most people don’t know how best to pose for the camera, especially for a business photo. Their only experience with a professional photographer would have been at a wedding or maybe even as far back as their school days. We’ll work with each team member to find their best angles and get the best images they can have on the day.
  • Boards and Signs — besides being great ice-breakers they work well for personalised marketing images too. (Having a prop can also take the subject’s mind off the camera and help them to relax if they’re really nervous)
  • Image Previews — your team will see their best images throughout their session (this helps them to build their confidence on set and lets us know what they like and don’t like)
  • Proofs within 2 working days — back a base we’ll do a quick sub-edit to weed out images that don’t work (the ones that are mid-blink, unflattering or embarrassing) and  do a quick proof-level retouch on the rest.
  • Artist’s Favourite Images — your best images will be marked as ‘Artist Favourite’ to help you choose. Remember these aren’t like school photos, they’re not intended to please the parents (although that helps) but rather to show your team as people your clients can happily work with.

  • Basic Retouch — no need to worry about spots or blemishes. They’ll simply disappear with the magic of Photoshop. Every image you choose will have a basic retouch to give them a professional finish
  • Free Parking at the Studio
  • Hi-res Digital Images — supplied as jpeg files (we’ll also include a set of web resolution copies of your chosen images that we’ll deliver in the most common sizes in use on the internet. If you need a specific image size for your website, let us know and we’ll include that too)
  • 12-Month Image Backup — if you lose, misplace or accidentally delete your digital images just let us know and we’ll be happy to send you a replacement copy.
  • Other Uses Guide — Ideas and suggestions to help you make the most of your investment
  • Full Commercial Usage and Reproduction Rights, Royalty Free — you’re free to print, publish and share your images as you see fit (subject to your employee’s permission)
  • Risk-free Guarantee — you’ll get a full refund if you don’t like any of your photos. No questions asked. No hassle.
  • Voucher for Discounted Family Shoot for Every Team Member — our little gift to them


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Reviews from previous clients


I met with Gavin at his Studio and even though I am the worst subject he got me to relax and produced some really great professional photos. It was actually a lot more fun than I thought it was going to be and he turned around the final pictures really fast.


Gavin is an outstanding photographer who knows his industry. He has been at all times professional, delivers on time and can transform an image with his creative imagination. I have and will continue to use Gavin for all of my business and personal needs.


Very nice photos, very relaxed approach. A big thank you to Gavin!


I hired Gavin to take some professional portrait shots. I was way out of my comfort zone, but Gavin did a great job of making me feel relaxed and natural, inspiring a sense of confidence and even fun! He evidently knows his stuff and also understands the importance of good communication, punctuality and expedience. I would definitely recommend Gavin.


Having won a really important award at the end of last year, I needed a photo of me (and it!) fast, in order to meet a magazine deadline the next day. I called Gavin on my way back from the event and he was on my doorstep later that afternoon, having rearranged his schedule to help me out. The award was engraved on glass, making the wording hard to pick out and Gavin tried every which way to stop reflections and all the related light issues. The result – a fabulous, relaxed shot that looks like it took 2 seconds… proof if ever you need it that the really good, clever stuff needs to look absolutely effortless. And what a nice guy too!

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