Sneaky trick: How to get actor headshots cheaper ;-)

Sneaky trick: How to get actor headshots cheaper 😉

Actor Headshot Photography, Guildford

Are you aware of this sneaky trick to get your actor headshots cheaper? By as much as 50%???


Then read on…

PS… It’s perfectly legal too

We’re running a special promotion at the moment for actors who need new headshots. It’s very simple, just bring a friend — we call it “Bag-a-Buddy” — and split the cost of your shoot between you.

Our standard actor headshot photo-shoot is 2 hours long. That’s more than enough time for most people so we asked the question “What if two people could share a shoot?” and voila, the Bag-a-Buddy scheme was born.

It’s really simple… Find a friend who also needs new actor headshots, book one of our studio or location shoots and share the cost equally between you.

You’ll both get about half the time each and we’ll throw in an extra image into the package to give you 6 instead of 5 (so you can both choose 3 finished images each).

That’s it. Just tell us at the time you confirm your booking and we’ll take care of the rest for you.

How does it work on set?

With every photo-shoot there is always slack time. It’s the waiting time that occurs when you’re changing or, in the case of much larger shoots, when the subject is in hair and make-up.

With the bag-a-buddy scheme, we photograph you both alternately. Whilst you’re changing your colleague will be on set and vice versa. That way your photographer works harder and more continuously, your changes are less rushed and you have a few moments to recompose and get into character before walking on set again.

It all happens without losing much time either. You’ll still make more than enough images from your shoot to give yourself a headache when choosing!

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