Corporate Headshots – Vanessa – Godalming, Surrey

Corporate Headshots – Vanessa – Godalming, Surrey

I first met Vanessa through the local chapter of the Entrepreneur’s Circle – she was the Business Growth Advisor (or BGA in Entrepreneur Circle parlance) for the ‘South Surrey and Epsom’ region.

Corporate Headshots -Godalming, Surrey

Corporate Headshots -Godalming, Surrey

Vanessa’s energy and enthusiasm is legendary amongst entrepreneurial circles and whilst simultaneously running her own business, CProject based in Godalming, Surrey, she also grew one of the biggest, liveliest and most successful EC groups in the nation. In fact the photo of Vanessa you see here was made the day after she was awarded the much coveted prize of “BGA of the Year” by the Entrepreneur Circle’s founder, Nigel Botterill.

By the way, this was a really difficult trophy to photograph. It was made from etched glass so reflected absolutely everything in the studio – lights, reflectors, me — you name it, if it was in the room the trophy reflected it at some point. Finding the right angle to control the reflections on the trophy was a nightmare but we managed it in the end.

Of course the other problem was it was made from glass. Whilst the trophy itself was transparent it was almost invisible to the camera but it showed every fingerprint, hair or spec of dust that touched it’s surface.

Nevertheless, it’s good to have a challenge and I think we got there in the end.

My personal favourite from Vanessa’s corporate headshot session is this next image. I wanted to create a much more relaxed photo – one that Vanessa could use for press releases, PR and magazine editorial features. It’s designed to be much softer and genuine, almost vulnerable by portraying the woman she really is.

Corporate Heashots - Vanessa Lanham-Day - Godalming, Surrey

Corporate Heashots – Vanessa Lanham-Day – Godalming, Surrey


Having won a really important award at the end of last year, I needed a photo of me (and it!) fast, in order to meet a magazine deadline the next day. I called Gavin on my way back from the event and he was on my doorstep later that afternoon, having rearranged his schedule to help me out. The award was engraved on glass, making the wording hard to pick out and Gavin tried every which way to stop reflections and all the related light issues. The result – a fabulous, relaxed shot that looks like it took 2 seconds… proof if ever you need it that the really good, clever stuff needs to look absolutely effortless. And what a nice guy too!

Out of interest, I’d love to know which of these you think works best and why?

Most people just opt for an image like the first one for their corporate head shots. It’s clean, contemporary and works well on websites and social media. The second image on this page is an entirely different concept. It still uses studio lighting but it’s blended with the room lighting to create a much softer image.


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