Are your staff damaging your brand? Asks Surrey Headshot Photographer

Are your staff damaging your brand?

“Are your staff damaging your brand?” asks Surrey Headshot Photographer

Are your staff damaging your brand asks Surrey Headshot Photographer…

Developing a good reputation for your brand takes time and money. Destroying it can happen in an instant. Look at Ratners for example. One misplaced comment was all it took to bring the company down. Hopefully you’re not foolish enough to make the same mistake Ratner did, but what about your staff? Especially now, in the Internet age.

You see, almost everyone these days has an internet trail. Especially if they’re using a social media platform. It’s truly amazing just how much information can be found about a person with just a simple search on Google.

Try it! Right now! Open a browser window and enter the name of someone you know and their hometown into Google and see what pops up.

Now try searching for the same person on LinkedIn. Go to and type the same person’s name into the search box at the top of the screen (you may need an account to do this).

The results should show a list of people with the same name together with their current and previous employers. If you’re connected with them on LinkedIn, the person you searched for will be somewhere near the top of the list. Now you know where they work and all their previous employers too. You’ve just found their CV or resume.

What if you now search for your own company? Enter it into the LinkedIn search box just as before and one of two things will happen…

…if you don’t already have a company profile set up you’ll see a list of employees
…if you do have a company profile set up you’ll see this first and will need to click through to see who works there

Either way, with a simple search you’ve found the details of your employees, their likes, loves and hates.

What if you were a potential customer doing some background research into your organisation? The first thing you’ll see on the employee list are all the profile pictures. You can’t help it. We’re drawn to pictures, especially faces, much more so than words.

If you were looking to place a large order with your company would you buy from these people? Be honest.

Most of the profile images I come across on LinkedIn fall into these categories

  • Mystery Man/Woman – Default silhouette when no profile picture has been set
  • The Hedge Shot – not to be confused with the Head Shot, they show the person standing in front of their garden hedge. That’s OK if they’re in the gardening trade but if they’re not and they’re in a senior position what does it say about your brand?
  • Holiday snap – on the beach, climbing a mountain, riding a horse. Fun pictures but are they congruent with your brand?
  • In the pub – the drinking/boozey party picture is potentially one of the most damaging because they’re making an association between your company and your brand with alcohol
  • Cats and Dogs – fun pictures, usually used by people who hate having their photo taken. Is it appropriate though. If your potential customer is a cat lover it might help make the sale. If they hate them it’ll be an instant turn off.
  • The Wedding Photo – usually posted by women who have recently got married.

If this was the first impression you had of your company as a new customer, would you buy?

Most businesses spend a lot of time, effort and money building their brand only to have it undermined, unknowingly, by their employees associating it with boozey parties, semi-naked beach photos and pictures of furry animals. (Click to Tweet)

If this is you and your business is based inLondon or Surrey, you need me.

What if you could turn this to your advantage?

What if you could use this type of research to make your business stand out from the crowd?

How? Well, if that potential customer has researched you in this way they’re very likely doing it to your competitors too. If your staff were presented as friendly, open, engaging people whereas your competition had just the usual silhouettes, pictures of their topiary and enjoying a pint would that give you an edge? Maybe, just maybe it’ll help to get that contract signed.

If that might be worth something to you, we should talk. Fill out this form and let’s get the conversation started.

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Now I’d like you to do something for me. If you found this interesting, or not, leave a comment below and let me know. Better still, if you have a friend or colleague that needs to worry about this, please share this article with them.

Speak soon,

PS – you might want to check out your competition too, just in case I’ve already been to photograph their staff.

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