Team Headshot: Jack Lee - Sough Jets 2017/8

Team Headshots: Slough Jets Ice Hockey Club

Team Headshots — Slough Jets Ice Hockey Club… Making the team headshots for the Slough Jets Ice Hockey team was a real privilege and pleasure, not in the least because my daughter plays in the junior leagues (and her team, the Bracknell Ice Bees are the current UK national championship winners). With a project of this
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How to make a good first impression

How to make a good first impression with everyone you meet

Making a good first impression… …has always been important. The more public facing or influential your role, the more important a good first impression is to establishing a positive relationship early on. Muck it up and you’re in for a long, uphill struggle to recover lost ground, lost opportunity and potentially a lost reputation. When
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Headshot Photo of my ideal client in Surrey and Berkshire

Photos of my ideal clients — ExecHeadshots Most Wanted

Photos of my ideal clients… I’d like to show you some pictures of my ideal clients. There are dozens if not hundreds of them out there. You see them everywhere, all over the internet and they’re very easy to spot. They haunt social media and forums in droves. Some of them are ghosts, some are
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Headshot backgrounds matter

Background! What’s behind you matters… A lot

Background for a Headshot? What’s behind you matters A headshot is a very simple concept. It’s just a picture of your head, neck and shoulders. Or is it? There’s one crucial element that’s frequently overlooked and taken for granted. The background. What’s behind you matters. Much more than most people think too. The background in
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Perfect profile photo for LinkedIn

Perfect profile photo for LinkedIn

The perfect profile photo for LinkedIn is an interesting concept and first we need to understand what it actually represents, which isn’t as superficial as most people think. Your profile picture on LinkedIn (and every other social media platform for that matter) is far more than just a headshot. It’s an ambassador, your online representative.
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corporate headshots in Guildford and Weybridge

Why do some headshots look more businesslike than others?

How can one profile photo look more businesslike than another? After all, it’s just a picture of the person’s head, neck and shoulders. You wouldn’t be alone in thinking there’s not much to change. But there is… When making business headshots your photographer has a huge amount of scope to vary your image. It’s not
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Save £25 on your Headshot Photo-shoot

Shhh… Claim your £25 off studio headshots voucher here

Claim your voucher and save £25 on your headshot session For the first time ever, we’re piloting a new voucher scheme. If you’re thinking of booking one of our studio headshot sessions, why not take advantage of this offer and save £25 on your session fee? To claim your voucher, all you need do is
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Actor Headshot Photography, Guildford

Sneaky trick: How to get actor headshots cheaper ;-)

Sneaky trick: How to get actor headshots cheaper 😉 Are you aware of this sneaky trick to get your actor headshots cheaper? By as much as 50%??? No? Then read on… PS… It’s perfectly legal too We’re running a special promotion at the moment for actors who need new headshots. It’s very simple, just bring
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Linkedin Profile Photo

Will round social media profile pictures make a difference?

Will the new round social media profile pictures make a difference? Some of you may have seen the new round format for profile pictures being introduced on some social media platforms. They’re now very prolific on LinkedIn, Google+ and Instagram. You may also be tempted to say “So what? Does it make a difference?” My
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Business Portrait - Roy Forstner - Woking, Surrey

Headshot Client images — Roy, Woking

  Roy was another of my business owner clients from Woking. He came to me as he needed some new headshots and profile photos to promote his business and, as he does a lot of business networking, himself as well. Roy is the founder of Carlton St. Martins in Woking and offers a really good carpet
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